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Rake is the Commission taken by the server as a payment for its services. The size of the commission depends on the game, bet, number of players, other parameters.

Rake in tournaments

In tournaments rake is taken as a lumpsum together with a tournament fee. Amount of rake is indicated just after the “+” sign in the cost of the tournament. For example, in case "100+10" rake from a tournament is 10 (at the moment of registration 110 will be charged), 100 goes into the prize pool of the tournament and 10 is a payment for the services of the server (rake).

Rake in cash games

In a cash game rake is charged either in each delivery regained, or after a gambling party. It amounts to a certain percentage of the gambling bank on a table. The amount depends on the type of game and may depend on the selected conventions. Also in conventional choosing of "payment for a table" a fixed rake may be charged from each participant for a gambling party or a period of time, then the drawn amount shall be free of the commission.

Rake in the cash poker (Texas, Omaha, etc)

Charged with each deal, if the amount of the bank is not less than 5 BigBlind's. Depends on the number of participating in the deal:
In case 2 players have raised the cards the rake is 2%, maximum $1.5
In case 3 players have raised the cards the rake is 3%, maximum $3
In case 4 or more players have raised the cards the rake is 4%, maximum $3

For example if there are 10 players at the table, but seven of them are out of the game (out), the rake in the deal shall be 3%, but not more than $3.
If in a poker deal the bank is divided in equal parts between 2 and more participants, the rake on a deal is not charged. Attention! This rule does not apply in 2-flop games.

Rake in Chinese open poker

Stake/Point Rake Min Max

Rake in Preferans

In Races: 4% of a gain
In the smooth preference: 3% of a gain
Minimum: $0.15

Rake in Debertz

Rake in Debertz is charged from 501 to 301.

Rake is calculated depending on the size of wins (including doublings):
The win from $100: 2%
The win is less than $100: 3%
Rake in Debertz-impact is 2%
Minimum: $0.15

Rake in backgammon

10% of the party regardless of the bet
Minimum: $0.15


This term usually indicate the possibility of a return to some parts of the rake the player. For information on a rakeback please see a guide to our bonus system.