Fant Games


The Service provides services in accordance with the Terms And Conditions. The essence of the service is the ability to play online (using the game client program, or through a browser) with other players in skill games: preferans, belote, checkers, gammon, chinese poker, dominoes, backgammon their varieties. The Service DOES NOT PROVIDE the possibility of gambling for money or other material values, played out between players. Players cannot win valuables, win cash prizes, or in any way convert won in-game values ​​/ items into real money. Players can access both an independent search for opponents and the ability to automatically select opponents for the game. The Service hosts various competitions (Tournaments), both short and multi-stage, lasting for a long time. Access to tournaments is not free for all players.

In-game currency (Fants)

The game uses an internal game currency "Fants". Players get them for a long and (or) successful game, and for successful performances in tournaments. "Fants" can be used to buy game items. "Fants" can not be converted into real money, or into other real value. They make sense solely within the Service. "Fants" can be acquired by players for real money, and later used inside the game.

Actual prices for the purchase of "Fants" are always available at the Fant Shop.

Game Items

The Service uses Game Items to encourage players who spend a lot of time in the Service. Objects affect the additional features in the game, give the right to participate in tournaments. Game Item can be obtained by the player as a result of a game lottery, or purchased for in-game currency ("Fants").

Special conditions

The Service under no circumstances pays players any payments made.